Review of the data protection legal framework

The Commission is currently in the process of reviewing the general EU legal framework on the protection of personal data. efamro has played a leading role in representing the interests of market social and opinion research during that process.

The main policy objectives for the Commission are to:

  • Modernise the EU legal system for the protection of personal data, in particular to meet the challenges resulting from globalisation and the use of new technologies;
  • Strengthen individuals' rights, and at the same time reduce administrative formalities to ensure a free flow of personal data within the EU and beyond;
  • Improve the clarity and coherence of the EU rules for personal data protection and achieve a consistent and effective implementation and application of the fundamental right to the protection of personal data in all areas of the Union’s activities.

For that purpose, the Commission organised in May 2009 a wide stakeholders' conference on data protection and launched a public consultation about the future legal framework for the fundamental right to protection of personal data in the EU. efamro was the only research organisation to attend the stakeholders' conference. The public consultation was concluded in December 2009.

Further targeted stakeholders' consultations were held in 2010.

On 4 November 2010 the Commission adopted a strategic Communication on a comprehensive strategy on data protection in the European Union highlighting its main ideas and key objectives on how to revise the current rules on data protection.

Together with ESOMAR, we submitted three detailed papers outlining our priorities for, and concerns about, the data protection review.

The Commission published is legislative proposal in January 2012, and after more than 2 years of discussions the Parliament adopted a negotating position in March 2014.

Discussions are ongoing in the Council of Ministers, and EFAMRO and its member associations continue to work to make sure that the interests of research are protected through out the process.

A new law is not expected to come into force before 2017.

EFAMRO ESOMAR joint submission to the European Commission
EFAMRO ESOMAR joint stakeholder response July 2010
EFAMRO ESOMAR joint submission January 2011
EFAMRO ESOMAR Council of Europe Submission