1 October 2013


EFAMRO, the European Research Federation, has published the second round of results for its Moodindicator project. Data was collected by national associations and efamro in quarter 3 of 2013 and 177 companies in 13 countries participated.

Overall respondents were less optimistic about their own business prospects, but more optimistic about growth in their national market than in Quarter 1 2013

The results for all respondents were as follows (figure in brackets are the percentage point change since quarter 1 2013):

Thinking about the year ahead, do you think your research revenues will be higher than, lower than, or about the same as 2012?

Higher that 2012: 44% (-5)

About the same as 2012: 28% (-8)

Lower than 2012: 26% (+15)

Don’t know: 2% (-2)

Looking at the research industry your country overall, what are your expectations for growth over the next 12 months?

The industry will grow: 28% (+10)

The industry will stay about the same size: 48% (+1)

The industry will decline: 17% (-12)

Don’t know: 7% (+1)

Download the full, country-by-country results here.