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17th December 2014

Global concern about personal data misuse is very high.
Is this a threat or an opportunity for our industry?

Global key findings

graph1A new global report from the Global Research Business Network on attitudes to trust and personal data has revealed that more than one-third of adults are very concerned that their personal data might be misused; with concern especially high amongst females aged 18-54. For every one person who has high a level of trust in the market research industry to protect and appropriately use personal data, there are three who have a very low level of trust in our industry to do so. This result means that trust in the market research industry on an average level compared to the 16 other types of organisations included in the survey.

Trust in the market research industry on this issue is clearly better than trust in media companies in general and in
social media companies in particular, but amongst younger adults, in particular in APAC, the gap is not so large.
Please click here to view the global, regional and country findings.

Key findings for Europe

graph2Whilst overall in Europe, concern about personal data misuse is lower than elsewhere, the degree of concern
varies considerably by country, from a very high level of concern in Spain to a very one in the Netherlands. Despite this lower level of concern, trust in the market
research industry to protect and appropriately use personal data is no higher in Europe than elsewhere. Globally, however, Germany stands out as the best-in-class
example when it comes to the degree of trust in the market research industry, both in absolute terms, as well as relative to the level of trust in other types of organisations.

In absolute terms the level of trust in the MR industry is lowest in the UK, whilst relative to trust in other organisations on this issue it is also low in the Nordics.

The conclusions for our industry?

The GRBN believes that this survey is a call-to-action for our industry. We believe that we should leverage the issue of personal data to help build trust with the general public, on whom our industry so heavily relies. To do that, both as an industry and as individual companies, we need to have systems and procedures in place to protect people’s data. We need to be transparent in our dealings with both the general public and clients and we need to communicate proactively.
We believe our industry has an opportunity, but that the window will not remain open forever, We believe that the time to act is now.

Finding out more

Please click here to visit the GRBN website view the results, as well as here more on our conclusions from the survey.
The GRBN is proud to have teamed up with Dapresy to create a infographic dashboard showing the global highlights from the survey and as well as allowing you to interact with the data. From the portal you can also access the flipbook reports and download the pdf reports for off-line viewing.

About the research

The fieldwork for the survey was done on-line and conducted by Research Now, with support from OnDevice in Mongolia and Thailand. In total 23707 interviews have been conducted between February and August 2014, covering the following countries:
APAC: Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan EUROPE; Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom AMERICAS; Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, the United States

About The Global Research Business Network

The Global Research Business Network is a not-for-profit organization founded by the APRC, ARIA and EFAMRO. The GRBN connects 38 national market, social and opinion research associations and over 3500 research businesses on five continents. More than US$25 billion (€18.8 billion) in annual research revenues (turnover) are generated by these businesses.
GRBN’s mission is to promote and advance the business of research by developing and supporting strong autonomous national research associations. More information on the Global Research Business Network is available at


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