EFAMRO national association representative

Further to the discussion at the EFAMRO General Meeting in March, we would like to invite your national association to propose a candidate for the second EFAMRO national association representative position to sit on the GRBN Executive Management Board. EFAMRO will have a total of two national association representatives, the first one being allocated to MRS, as a founding member of GRBN, in addition to the EFAMRO regional federation representative, giving EFAMRO a total of 3 seats on the GRBN EMB, out of a total of nine.

The standard term is 3 years, but due to the transition for these new arrangements, the first term will run from 1.7.2015 to 31.12.2018.

The GRBN EMB is responsible for advancing the mission of the GRBN and the three regional federations that form the Network , to promote and advance the business of research through the development and support of national research associations. The EMB defines and develops GRBN’s strategy and manages its implementation.

Members of the EMB, therefore, have the opportunity to help shape the future of the sector on a global scale. Members are expected to actively participate in the activities of GRBN, but it is recognised that the degree of participation will be constrained by each member’s other duties.

Over the next 12 months, it is expected that the GRBN EMB will meet face-to-face twice; in Miami in October and in the spring (location to be decided), as well as meet 4 or 5 times via telephone conference. Not all EMB members are expected to attend all meetings and can transfer their voting rights to another EMB member from their region.

Please discuss this matter with your board and let Andrew/Jan know by the 8th June, should you or someone else from your association wish to run for election.

If only one candidate applies for the position they will automatically be accepted. Should more than one person apply, EFAMRO members will be asked to vote on their preferred candidate, with one vote per national association. On counting the votes, should two or more candidates have an equal number of votes, then the EFAMRO Executive Board will vote on which of those candidates will be allocated the position.

Download here the PDF's of the new: 

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